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   At Marcar Auto Inc.  We know and are completely aware that we are different than all most all of the other Auto Dealerships available.  How we do business now and if the future will make you scratch your head and probably make you a disbeliever.  Well you won't be the first and you won't be the last.  You know what they say "If  they don't do it this way or that way, then they are not what they say they are".

Believe what you want; however, the proof is in the pudding. Right? Should you put on your common sense thinking cap and listen or read, then you can make your own mind up. 

We do not carry inventory for many reasons

  1.      Why purchase inventory that we hope someone would hopefully be looking for
  2.      Why financially burden ourselves attempt to sell a vehicle
  3.      It makes more sense for a company to provide what consumers want  and at prices that others can't compete at without sacrificing quality.


The customer after a comprehensive consultation orders what they want and we shop for you; while you do whatever it is that  you  to do.


Lets talk about $MONEY$ (namely your money)

    We do not want it!  Again, we do not want it!   We would love for you to keep as much of it (your money) as possible.  We purchase vehicles from the

same venues as almost all of the other dealers in the market.  We said almost.  There are some places that we will not purchase vehicles/merchandise

for resale from (by not mentioning these venues by name we are being polite and choosing not to bring attention to these establishments).    By obtaining

vehicles from the same locations as most other Automotive Entities; means that we pay the same price or less than they do.  The difference in the money

is that we do not have the many obligatory factors as most of them,to contend with or pay for, which leads them to marking up merchandise.  

Thus allowing Marcar Auto to provide the same product or better at lower prices!!  

     This practice allows us to purchase newer merchandise  at prices  the consumer expects or better..  We don't purchase vehicles and keep them

on a lot hoping that you will search the internet , drive by , or see it on some other form of advertising and then hope that you will come see us. 

That in our opinion is ... well to be honest we feel it's not the smartest way of doing business.  With openness, caring, and compassion we will spend time

with our consumers to determine exactly what it is that they want, and at what price they want to spend.  

  Time is valuable weather it is yours or ours!  We will not waste yours so if accepted as a referral please do not waste ours.  Our process from start to finish

will be provided to you once we have verified the referral and relationship of the sponsor. 

   We know what we will save in terms of money, not to mention your time and aggravation.  We have proved it time and time again.